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Black cataract surgery with FLACS

Jason Jones, MD reported in May 2015 issue of Eye World a case of black cataract, the densest type of cataract being removed by eye surgeons around the globe. According to Jones “the amount of energy and fluid in the eye is considerably greater than in a normal case, increasing the risk of thermal injury and the degree of trauma and edema.”

Jones used the femtosecond laser CATALYS® (Abbott Medical Optics, Milpitas, CA) to remove the cataract in this case and noted far less edema (swelling of the cornea) present the next day after cataract surgery. The patient eventually achieved a vision of 20/25. Jones maintained that “a black cataract is never going to be an easy case, but the femtosecond laser certainly made it easier.”

Posted June 15, 2015

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