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IntraLase is used in LASIK surgery to safely create the corneal flap, the first step in LASIK surgery. Prior to IntraLase, this first step was done manually using a hand-held device with an oscillating metal razor blade, called a microkeratome. Using IntraLase to cut corneal flaps is more user friendly for the surgeon. Making the flap with the laser helps reduce the chance of uneven cuts or collateral tissue damage and improves clinical safety. Precise flap thickness is critical to a successful LASIK outcome, and IntraLase flaps feature a consistent thickness from edge to edge. Flap stability is also an important factor, and IntraLase flaps provide added assurance and peace of mind for many patients. Because of its consistent accuracy, IntraLase may make LASIK a viable option even for patients who previously didn't qualify, such as those who cannot tolerate high suction on the eye.

Dr. Pham is one of the first surgeons in Northern California to be certified to use the Intralase femtosecond laser to perform refractive surgery.

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