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Treatment of dark spots using lasers in Asians

Taro Kono, MD et al. at Tokai University, Japan, showed the Q-switched lasers were highly effective in treating solar lentigines in Asians at the 35th American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery Annual Conference. The authors used a unique Q-switched Alexandrite laser with three different wavelengths set at different pulse durations: 50 nsec, 100 microsec. The authors reported that PIH occurred in 4 patients. No other complication was noted. The authors concluded that Q-switched Alexandrite laser was highly effective in treating solar lentigines in Asians with minimal complication.

Henry Chan, MD et al. reported successful treatment of benign pigmented lesions, including lentigines, in a retrospective study of 13 Chinese subjects at the same conference. One subject developed hypopigmentation. No post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) was noted in this study.

Posted August 1, 2015

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